Buying a New Mattress? Consider Bamboo

A high-quality mattress makes it much easier to get the restorative sleep needed for energy and good health. That is why many shoppers choose a bamboo mattress after researching all of their options. Eco-friendly bamboo bedding has a wonderful, soft feel that promotes restful sleep. It is also more breathable and often costs no more than less user-friendly products.

Bamboo Can Be Hypoallergenic

A mattress that is labeled as bamboo by its manufacturer actually contains a fairly small amount of material created using bamboo. Generally, only the outer covering is made from bamboo fabric. However, that is important, since coverings and mattress toppers are the bedding components which sleepers are in direct contact with. Bamboo fabrics created using mechanical processes are hypoallergenic and rarely irritate skin or cause breathing problems. They are also eco-friendly since bamboo plants grow without pesticides and absorb carbon dioxide.

Bamboo Offers Luxury Comfort Levels

A mattress made using bamboo also feels very soft against the skin and can help regulate body temperature during sleep. It will stay cool in warm weather and help sleepers stay cozy when it is chilly. Bamboo is also a moisture-wicking fiber that can hold about 3 times in own weight in liquid. Because of these comfort factors, many customers choose entire bedding sets made of bamboo, including pillows and linens. Some even make conventional mattresses more comfortable by adding bamboo toppers.

Bamboo Bedding Prices Vary

Like all mattresses, the prices of bamboo products vary by manufacturer and features such as size. However, they generally fall into the same price ranges as other bedding. One of the factors that affect cost is the process used to create bamboo. Some of the least expensive mattresses use bamboo rayon, which is made with harsh chemicals that are neither safe nor natural. Fabrics created using a Lycocell or mechanical bamboo process are a bit more expensive but do not retain chemicals used in creating fabrics. They are the “greenest” and often considered the healthiest.

Mattresses that include bamboo are often more comfortable than other types of bedding. Bamboo is also eco-friendly and hypoallergenic. In addition, good-quality bamboo products can still be budget friendly.