How to Choose the Best Meal Delivery Service

The desire to eat healthy and interesting dinners every night was once considered a fantasy to most people. Busy corporate lives, hectic home lives and numerous other responsibilities made it impossible to imagine having the time for anything other than fast food and packaged meals. After all, who has the time to find all the right recipes, shop for organic ingredients and also cook the meal? Food delivery services changed everything. Suddenly it was possible, and affordable, to make amazing meals every night with all of the ingredients delivered fresh to the door. There is a lot to consider when choosing a meal delivery service. There are many to choose from and not all are the same in quality, variety or pricing. It is a good idea to research each service thoroughly before making any purchase commitment.

  • Do they offer meals that meet the needs of special diets or food requirements? This could include recipes that meet the guidelines for a paleo diet, allergy and gluten-free options or low-calorie meal plans.
  • Are their ingredients locally sourced, fresh and organic? Some companies offer all of this and others are less open about where they obtain their products.
  • Are the recipes simple enough for the average home cook to follow? Is special kitchen equipment needed and can the meal be cooked in under 30 minutes? Remember, the service is supposed to make healthy eating more convenient.
  • Are they environmentally responsible? Is the food packaged in recycled materials and without excess packaging?
  • Is the plan adjustable or do customers have to sign on for a certain length of time or number of meals for delivery?

The cost of the meals is usually a little higher than preparing food from scratch at home. However, they are usually much cheaper than dining out and comparable to fast food or frozen foods. The quality is often better than what is available locally because the best companies are careful about how quickly the items go from the farm to the table. For more information prior to ordering, read online about the experiences of others using these types of services.