What to Look for in a Dog Boarding Facility

A dog is a part of a family and the people who care for it will do anything to ensure it’s treated well whether they are at home or away. While the owners are home, they spend time with their pet, playing, going for walks and cuddling. Unfortunately, pet owners can’t always be home with their pet all the time. When they aren’t there, they want to know their dog is taken care of by others the way they would do it themselves.

Boarding a dog for the first time can be stressful. Dog owners need to be sure the place they leave their dog is sanitary and the people who will be caring for their most loyal family member are compassionate and professional. The only way to really know how they take care of the pets entrusted to them is to visit the dog boarding facility. It’s going to take more than a visit to the office to get a true sense of how happy the dog are there. Pet owners need to see where they dogs sleep and play and also meet the people who will be caring for their dog.

People need to feel comfortable at the facility. It’s important for them to trust their instincts and not leave their dog anywhere that doesn’t feel like a good fit. The staff might be really good salespeople but poor dog caretakers. Look for signs that the dogs are well-fed, rested and playful. Additionally, anyone thinking about boarding their dog should look for happy staff. Unhappy caretakers might not treat the dogs as well when no one is looking. At least some of the staff should appear to have experience in their industry.

The best boarding facilities offer additional services to help pet owners feel comfortable while they are away. They might email pictures of the dog to their owner, provide one-on-one play or give special treats to the dog to make them feel at home. When a pet owner finds a high-quality boarding facility, they don’t hesitate to make vacation plans because they know their pet will look forward to spending time there.